Our Mission

The podcast covers a variety of topics that help CEOs and senior leaders grow their business with their biggest and most important investment - People.

I interview Fortune 100 CEOs, Startup and Mid-market business leaders, International Best-selling Authors, TedX Speakers, Technologists, Industry Innovators and Thought Leaders.

I give our audience access to the world's most insightful people through a fireside chat format that focuses on practical ways leaders can grow their Return on People.

Special Note from the CEO

How Financial Accounting Screws Up HR

How Financial Accounting Screws Up HR

I personally believe that people are not only the company’s most important asset (and certainly not an expense), but they are a special asset type that anticipates growth… an investment! Whereas you can amortize a $1,500 computer which depreciates, as mentioned in the HBR article above, you must classify people as an expense. Even if accounting rules dictate this, business reality does not! We need to treat our people like an investment to lead our companies to exponential and sustainable growth.